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 Keep On Praisin'

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PostSubject: Keep On Praisin'   Keep On Praisin' I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 7:23 pm

Oh, yeah

I will bless You Lord because You've been so good
You have been my strength in the time of weakness
There''s never been a time I couldn't count on You
So I will bless You, oh, Lord, in the midst of the people

Come on somebody, right here, right now
We come to give Your name the glory
Somebody help me
Sisters tell me something, come on

Looked around the week was gone
Worked my fingers to the bone, I should've known
That the struggle I had faced wasn't over
Drama won't leave me alone

When the world all around me gives me every reason to faint
My first and the last real defense is to stand and say

No matter what is going on
My God still sits upon the throne
I might get down but not for long
My praise will keep me moving on

Join in together like this, like this come
Sister tell me something else

Turned around I'd made it through
Wasn't sure of how I would surely fade but You'd cover
And my joy you would renew

You know the enemy seeks and he roars with his plans to abus

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Keep On Praisin'
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