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 Names for U.S. citizens

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PostSubject: Re: Names for U.S. citizens   Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:06 am

The only officially and commonly used alternative for referring to the people of the United States in English is to refer to them as citizens of that country.[13] "Yankee" (or "Yank") is a colloquial term for Americans in English; cognates can be found in other languages. Within the United States, "Yankee" usually refers to people specifically from New England or the Northern United States, though it has been applied to Americans generally since the 18th century, especially by the British.[14] The earliest recorded use in this context is in a 1784 letter by Horatio Nelson.[14] The word "gringo", often used pejoratively, is common in Spanish and has entered into other languages including English, in which language it is recorded as early as 1871.[15][16] More generically, they may be specified as "U.S. Americans".[17] Several single-word English alternatives for "American" have been suggested over time, including "Usonian", popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright,[18] and the nonce term "United-Statesian".[19] The writer H. L. Mencken collected a number of proposals from between 1789 and 1939, finding terms including "Columbian, Columbard, Fredonian, Frede, Unisian, United Statesian, Colonican, Appalacian, Usian, Washingtonian, Usonian, Uessian, U-S-ian, Uesican, United Stater."[20] Nevertheless no alternative to "American" is common.[13]

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Names for U.S. citizens
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