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 First Czech National Assembly -LOG 04/09

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First Czech National Assembly -LOG 04/09 Empty
PostSubject: First Czech National Assembly -LOG 04/09   First Czech National Assembly -LOG 04/09 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 11:42 pm

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[23:36] <AzAlkimista> jee
[23:36] <Sleotescu> ok
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[23:37] == Malkovsky_ changed the topic of #ecze2 to: ....:::: Czech National Assembly ::::....
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[23:37] <AzAlkimista> make the room moderated Wink
[23:37] <Silen> good idea Wink
[23:37] <Sleotescu> why moderated ?
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[23:37] <Sleotescu> maybe i wana say something
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[23:38] <logamac> here
[23:38] <@Malkovsky_> you can, but later Smile
[23:38] <AzAlkimista> if someone cannot be silent just for 2 minutes for Michal, then let's be moderated
[23:38] <Sleotescu> you know .. it's not comunist .. he talks and we aplaud
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[23:38] <AzAlkimista> I didn't say that
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[23:38] <Sleotescu> it's same thing
[23:38] <AzAlkimista> just like in any congress
[23:38] <Sleotescu> ok
[23:38] <AzAlkimista> 1 guy speaks
[23:38] <Sleotescu> go on Malkovsky_
[23:38] <@Malkovsky_> first thing is MoD
[23:39] <lazarosaMKD> ok, and?
[23:39] <@Malkovsky_> as I said the new minister is Dominik....in RL he is Czech but lives in Canada...he has some good experience with their army....
[23:39] <lazarosaMKD> Very Happy
[23:39] <@Malkovsky_> he will be cooperating with Slovakian MoD
[23:40] <@Malkovsky_> I will negotiate with him more and he will lead some squadfs...
[23:40] <@Malkovsky_> *squads
[23:40] <@Malkovsky_> togehter with Slovakian MoD
[23:40] <Sleotescu> slovakia is pheonix ?
[23:40] <@Malkovsky_> for exmple CeskoSlovenske Legie
[23:40] <@Malkovsky_> slovakia is more den Wink
[23:40] <Silen> no neutral (smrtan is president)
[23:41] <@Malkovsky_> *eden
[23:41] <Sleotescu> ok
[23:41] <Sleotescu> then good
[23:41] <Sleotescu> go on
[23:41] <JackeLZoR> slovakia?
[23:41] <JackeLZoR> i think slovakia will be destroyed:D
[23:41] <@Malkovsky_> maybe the problem is they have EDEN MPPs and we have Phoenix ones
[23:41] == Simonov [qwebirc@Rizon-DB300C5F.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has joined #ecze2
[23:41] <logamac> Lets stop going on about EDEN and PHENOIX
[23:41] <Morphine[VM]> I would suggest a MPP with Ukrain
[23:41] <Simonov> Im here now
[23:41] <Morphine[VM]> think about it and let us know
[23:41] <Simonov> whats the topic
[23:41] <NoelGofB> Sleotescu they are neutral and her safe is in russian hands
[23:41] <@Malkovsky_> MoD
[23:41] <lazarosaMKD> guys, Czech Republic needs baby-boom
[23:41] <mossad> (Sorry Smrtan is not here but .. guys Smrtan is the Military commander of Polish PERUN squad)
[23:41] <aldameldo_> Simonov you didn't lose anything
[23:41] <logamac> We need to work together with out annoying alliances
[23:42] <@Malkovsky_> yes, I know who Smrtan is....Perun will be led also by Czech and Slovakian MoD
[23:42] <NoelGofB> i agree a baby boom is the most important thing
[23:42] <@Malkovsky_> baby-boom is not topic for now...
[23:42] <Sleotescu> guys , we are at mod and mpp
[23:42] <Sleotescu> not baby boom
[23:42] <lazarosaMKD> without baby-boom you will never be truly independent
[23:42] <Sleotescu> wait !
[23:43] <NoelGofB> a romanian batal (is this the right word?Smile can beat eczech nowadays so without population...
[23:43] <@Malkovsky_> other squad will be Nebeski Ratnici, Perun, CeskoSlovenske legie and we will create more...led for example by Paddyohlae or Gertrude Groan
[23:43] <logamac> Czech republic has been trying for a BB for months
[23:43] <logamac> nothing has happened
[23:43] <@Malkovsky_> BB IS NOT TOPIC FOR NOW!
[23:43] <logamac> What will the squads be for?
[23:43] <lazarosaMKD> You could try and hear Serbian expirience
[23:43] <Silen> This conversation is about nothing, everybody here, just speak about what they want. I won't to speak here with you guys if you want to continue like this..
[23:44] <lazarosaMKD> in atracting mew players
[23:44] <logamac> We won't be attacking anyone
[23:44] <@Malkovsky_> NO BB, please!
[23:44] <@Malkovsky_> if I will hear word babyboom, I'll kick you
[23:44] <logamac> Mal
[23:44] <NoelGofB> pk Michal just pls explain army for what? Very Happy
[23:44] <logamac> What are the squads for
[23:44] <Sleotescu> moderate chanel please
[23:44] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has joined #ecze2
[23:44] <RedDuck> moderate and kick some people out
[23:45] <@Malkovsky_> I have not much experience with IRC, so I don't know Very Happy
[23:45] <Sleotescu> + and m
[23:45] <@Malkovsky_> how to moderate Very Happy
[23:45] <Sleotescu> +m
[23:45] <lazarosaMKD> Very Happy
[23:45] <Laya> Very Happy
[23:45] <@Malkovsky_> +m
[23:45] <Laya> tell me what you want to know
[23:45] <AzAlkimista> or use voice rights
[23:45] <mossad> Smile)
[23:45] <Sleotescu> give me op for a sec
[23:45] <@Malkovsky_> what? Very Happy
[23:45] <Simonov> XD
[23:45] == mode/#ecze2 [+o Sleotescu] by Malkovsky_
[23:45] == mode/#ecze2 [+m] by Sleotescu
[23:45] <@Sleotescu> .deop
[23:45] == mode/#ecze2 [-o Sleotescu] by Malkovsky_
[23:46] <@Malkovsky_> what's new?
[23:46] <@Malkovsky_> Very Happy
[23:46] <@Malkovsky_> you can't speak? Very Happy
[23:46] <mossad> (logamac is in coma)
[23:46] == Cannot send to channel: #ecze2
[23:47] <mossad> Wink
[23:47] == Cannot send to channel: #ecze2
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> ok...now I know Smile
[23:47] == luchian[VM] [cgiirc@1A92363C.20CA7743.DF6349F0.IP] has joined #ecze2
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> so...the squads
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> Very Happy
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> for what they could be? Very Happy
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> it's obvius i think Smile
[23:47] <@Malkovsky_> and it's a matter for MoD Smile
[23:48] <@Malkovsky_> I think it's enough about MoD for today....maybe because our new MoD isn't here Very Happy
[23:48] <@Malkovsky_> if you want to speak, just query Smile
[23:48] == mode/#ecze2 [+v mossad] by Malkovsky_
[23:49] <+mossad> i think we need to clearly understand that whereas our MoD will be making squads
[23:49] <+mossad> some people would not love to hit either Phoenix or EDEN
[23:49] <@Malkovsky_> of course
[23:49] <+mossad> is there a plan to make different squads for Romanians and Hungarians?
[23:49] <@Malkovsky_> we'll se what Dominik will do Smile
[23:49] <+mossad> or shall we wait for Dominik?
[23:49] <@Malkovsky_> I think he's enough cpable to manage it .)
[23:49] == logamac_ [qwebirc@Rizon-EE9D4CDF.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ecze2
[23:50] <+mossad> ok .. thank you .. no more questions on this topic
[23:50] <+mossad> (from me)
[23:50] == mode/#ecze2 [-v mossad] by Malkovsky_
[23:50] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Sleotescu] by Malkovsky_
[23:50] <+Sleotescu> ok , so you suggest 2 military unit
[23:50] == logamac [qwebirc@Rizon-EE9D4CDF.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[23:50] == logamac_ [qwebirc@Rizon-EE9D4CDF.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has quit []
[23:50] <+Sleotescu> one for hungs and one for romanians
[23:51] <+Sleotescu> but , when we fight probably we will have just 1 fight
[23:51] <@Malkovsky_> we want to have Czech army with various squads
[23:51] <@Malkovsky_> not eden part and phoenix part
[23:51] == logamac [qwebirc@Rizon-EE9D4CDF.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ecze2
[23:51] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Morphine[VM]] by Malkovsky_
[23:51] == mode/#ecze2 [+v RedDuck] by Malkovsky_
[23:51] <+Morphine[VM]> Ukrain is neutral
[23:52] <+Morphine[VM]> so i want an mpp with them for starters
[23:52] <+Morphine[VM]> think about this
[23:52] <@Malkovsky_> not bad idea
[23:52] <+Morphine[VM]> for now u may devoiceme
[23:52] == Leon_ [qwebirc@41528DCB.7BB03167.3393672.IP] has joined #ecze2
[23:52] <mossad> ukraine is bad idea
[23:52] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Sleotescu] by Malkovsky_
[23:52] == Cannot send to channel: #ecze2
[23:52] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Morphine[VM]] by Malkovsky_
[23:52] <@Malkovsky_> ok, Morphine...I have one more thing to solve tomorrow Wink
[23:52] <+RedDuck> Ukraine is good idea. we generally should promote slef-determination doesntn matter alliances
[23:52] == mode/#ecze2 [+v mossad] by Malkovsky_
[23:53] <+mossad> if i may comment on ukraine
[23:53] <@Malkovsky_> come on
[23:53] <+mossad> ukraine is under heavy pressure of russia and romania
[23:53] <+mossad> i think we need to carefully select allies
[23:53] <+mossad> and make it a bigger discussion .. ukraine is not able to protect us
[23:53] <+mossad> just in case of danger
[23:54] <@Malkovsky_> we under pressure also...
[23:54] <+mossad> .. (i ended)
[23:54] == mode/#ecze2 [-v mossad] by Malkovsky_
[23:54] <@Malkovsky_> any other comments on Ukraine MPP?
[23:54] <+RedDuck> no
[23:55] <+RedDuck> -v
[23:55] == mode/#ecze2 [+v JackeLZoR] by Malkovsky_
[23:55] == mode/#ecze2 [-v RedDuck] by Malkovsky_
[23:55] <+JackeLZoR> i think we havent enough gold for it and its useless, this is my opinion
[23:56] <@Malkovsky_> of course...we are 100 Golds poorer now Very Happy
[23:56] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Sleotescu] by Malkovsky_
[23:56] == mode/#ecze2 [+v lazarosaMKD] by Malkovsky_
[23:56] <+lazarosaMKD> Very Happy
[23:57] <+Sleotescu> go lazarosaMKD
[23:57] <+Sleotescu> Razz
[23:57] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Morphine[VM]] by Malkovsky_
[23:57] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile if you guys want neutrality.... why do Czech Rep needs protection?
[23:57] <+Morphine[VM]> that was a q for mossad
[23:57] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Silen] by Malkovsky_
[23:57] <+Morphine[VM]> and second of all... the money are not lost
[23:57] <+Morphine[VM]> they are just kept as a bail
[23:57] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[23:57] <+Sleotescu> i wanted to say what Morphine[VM] will say
[23:57] <+Sleotescu> Razz
[23:58] <mossad> hmm
[23:58] == Cannot send to channel: #ecze2
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[23:58] <@Malkovsky_> we need neutrality and also protection...is it so big problem? Smile
[23:58] <+lazarosaMKD> yeah money are not lost will be used for 70-80 Napoleons:D
[23:58] <+Sleotescu> lazarosaMKD , be serious
[23:58] == mode/#ecze2 [-v lazarosaMKD] by Malkovsky_
[23:58] <+Morphine[VM]> so if the hundred gold is the only issue you have... than you don;t have to worry about them
[23:59] <+Silen> I agree with mossad and JackeLZoR, we don!t have enought of money and it's useless
[23:59] <@Malkovsky_> another proposal on MPPs?
[23:59] == mode/#ecze2 [+o mossad] by Malkovsky_
[23:59] <+Morphine[VM]> lazarosaMKD explain your actions in Slovakia
[23:59] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[23:59] <+Silen> no now, we but we need stationary TW
[23:59] == mode/#ecze2 [+v lazarosaMKD] by Malkovsky_
[00:00] <@Malkovsky_> we have a TW gfor now Wink
[00:00] <+lazarosaMKD> My actions in Slovakia?
[00:00] * mossad slaps Morphine[VM] around a bit with a large fishbot
[00:00] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[00:00] <+Silen> yes, but it isn't stationary..
[00:00] <+lazarosaMKD> what actions?
[00:00] <@mossad> Hold on guys
[00:01] <@mossad> we need a strong MPP because we dont believe Poland
[00:01] <@Malkovsky_> another proposal on MPPs?
[00:01] <@Malkovsky_> no answer....done for now
[00:01] <@mossad> and we cant waste money on Ukraine proposal
[00:01] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:01] <+Silen> mossad: You don't I do
[00:01] <@mossad> Other offer is keep Hungarian MPP and have Polish MPP as Red Duck offered
[00:01] <+lazarosaMKD> Morphine, what my actions in Slovakia? :s
[00:01] == mode/#ecze2 [-v lazarosaMKD] by mossad
[00:02] <@Malkovsky_> Hungarian and also Polish.......I don't know if it's good solution...
[00:02] <@mossad> it is not
[00:02] <@Malkovsky_> so, what are other possibilities?
[00:02] <@mossad> but there is no good solution. another option is US/Brazil
[00:02] <@Malkovsky_> to prolong Hungarian and Russian one? romanians would protest of course
[00:02] <@mossad> so that we dont make our neighbors angry
[00:02] <+Sleotescu> of course
[00:02] <+Silen> what about Indonesia?
[00:03] <@Malkovsky_> yes, US is an idea
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> indonesia what?
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> do they have anything?
[00:03] == mode/#ecze2 [+v aldameldo_] by mossad
[00:03] <+Silen> that's question, I don't know, I just ask
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> don't
[00:03] <+Sleotescu> indo is dead
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> it is a bad ideea
[00:03] <+Morphine[VM]> for now
[00:04] <@Malkovsky_> and there's entente
[00:04] <+aldameldo_> guys I think that neither Poland+Hungary nor USA+Brazil are good combinations
[00:04] <+aldameldo_> I will agree with Malkovsky
[00:04] <+aldameldo_> entente
[00:04] <@Malkovsky_> I don't know if the're holding some TW for now and if they are able to protect us a bit...
[00:04] <+aldameldo_> let's be neutral, but tending to PNX
[00:04] <@mossad> Entente = Waste of money
[00:04] <+Morphine[VM]> ok
[00:04] <+Sleotescu> why tending to phx ?
[00:04] <+Morphine[VM]> so for the mpp with ukrain we will pay the 100 gold necesary
[00:05] <+aldameldo_> we have strong neighbours
[00:05] <+Morphine[VM]> when you are ready we will talk Malkovsky_
[00:05] <+aldameldo_> Hungary
[00:05] == mode/#ecze2 [+v lazarosaMKD] by mossad
[00:05] == Adamak [qwebirc@A2F7EE7C.525F8006.A8491E4E.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:05] <+lazarosaMKD> Just want to say , The site is working AGAIN!Wink
[00:05] <@Malkovsky_> Morphine you can talk....I haven't heard any new idea from you Smile
[00:06] <@Malkovsky_> yea.....eRep working Smile
[00:06] <+aldameldo_> ;D
[00:06] <@Malkovsky_> so, not Very Happy
[00:06] <+Morphine[VM]> Malkovsky_ ideea?
[00:07] <@Malkovsky_> from me not for now Smile
[00:07] <+aldameldo_> I made my proposal...
[00:07] <+lazarosaMKD> My idea is make baby-boom, bring 20000+ RL Czech
[00:07] <+lazarosaMKD> Wink
[00:07] == mode/#ecze2 [-v lazarosaMKD] by mossad
[00:07] <@mossad> stay in topic
[00:07] <@Malkovsky_> I suppose you would vote against prolonging of Hun or Rus MPP, Morphine
[00:08] <+Silen> great idea, why we wait?... oh we don't have people to do that..
[00:08] <+Morphine[VM]> you suppose right
[00:08] == mode/#ecze2 [+v GregoryG] by mossad
[00:08] <@Malkovsky_> NEWS: Iosy DeadMan is no longer a congress member.
[00:08] <+Silen> as I said many times. WE want to unite us with slovaks, to make BB, we can't do it alone
[00:09] <+Silen> need*
[00:09] <@mossad> Hungarian MPP will be there after the end of Congress - No problem
[00:09] <+aldameldo_> that's good
[00:09] <+aldameldo_> we are in need of strong neighbours
[00:10] <@mossad> Silen stay in topic
[00:10] <@mossad> please Smile
[00:10] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Adamak] by Malkovsky_
[00:10] <+Adamak> as we say fuck in Poland - KURWA! :/ i had problems with the internet since 18 CET, dunno why... and then erep problems and i didnt wrote down this chat channel... :/ IM SORRY IM LATE GUYS
[00:10] <+Morphine[VM]> that is not news for me Malkovsky_
[00:10] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:10] <+Morphine[VM]> and your point is?
[00:10] <+Silen> there's any topic, sorry I missed it... hmm I think there isn't..
[00:10] <@Malkovsky_> for me too Smile I fired him from my company in the morning because he wanted to :
[00:10] <+Silen> I don't have time for this, sorry guys but here, we cant make any important solution
[00:10] == Silen [qwebirc@DA2E7811.3B9D3A1A.77D2F434.IP] has quit [Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net]
[00:11] <+Adamak> and now - Baby Boom - I think we must create Czech nation, strong nation without Slovakia help
[00:11] <@mossad> guys ... PLEASE STAY IN TOPIC : MPP
[00:11] <+Adamak> srry mate Razz
[00:11] <@Malkovsky_> of course, romanians are against Phoenix MPPs and others are ganist EDEN MPPs
[00:11] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Adamak] by Malkovsky_
[00:11] <+aldameldo_> why shouldn't we be neutral
[00:11] <+aldameldo_> till we get rid of all PTOs?
[00:11] <@mossad> we need to understand what better suits needs of Czech Republic
[00:12] <+Morphine[VM]> mossad and you are?
[00:12] <@Malkovsky_> stop about his, Morphine Wink
[00:12] <@Malkovsky_> *this
[00:12] <@mossad> agree with all the respected sides that aldamedo just called PTO and make it for the sake of little core community of Czech Rep
[00:12] <+Sleotescu> Malkovsky_ , but he is right
[00:12] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Adamak] by Malkovsky_
[00:12] <+GregoryG> A Hungarian mpp may sound bad for you Morphine, but it's aim to have a stable eCzech republic. And I think a Hungarian mpp will help the territorial integrity of this country.
[00:13] <+Morphine[VM]> i rest my case
[00:13] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:13] <@mossad> Morphine[VM]: not really. i would offer to drop my c'ship if you drop. and i am sure i can negotiate drop of 1 hun vs. 1 romanian
[00:13] <@Malkovsky_> Moprhine, do you think Ukraine can protect us alone? Very Happy
[00:14] <+Morphine[VM]> who do u need protection from Malkovsky_?
[00:14] == JoaoSatan[GN] [~joaosatan@AF63924D.86586132.927A4D7F.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:14] == ubica [qwebirc@Rizon-EAC0DFE6.teol.net] has joined #ecze2
[00:14] == Adamak_ [qwebirc@Rizon-EF03FA36.adsl.inetia.pl] has joined #ecze2
[00:14] <+GregoryG> Poland, who else Morphine
[00:14] <+GregoryG> Poland and Croatia
[00:14] == mode/#ecze2 [-v GregoryG] by mossad
[00:14] <@Malkovsky_> protection from Poland, from spain, from Slovenia, maybe....we never now...
[00:14] <@Malkovsky_> *know
[00:14] <@mossad> Gregory : WARNING ..
[00:15] <+Morphine[VM]> well if you think need protection from them.... than there is nothing I can do for you Malkovsky_
[00:16] <@Malkovsky_> without MPPs they can do all what they would mind with us Wink you surely know it Wink
[00:16] == Adamak [qwebirc@A2F7EE7C.525F8006.A8491E4E.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[00:17] <+Morphine[VM]> you should have thought of that before
[00:17] <@mossad> What would be your offer Morphine - on MPP - if you are elected President - (apart from Ukraine)
[00:17] <@Malkovsky_> so, Morphine[VM] , you propose to have no MPP? only Ukraine?
[00:17] <+Morphine[VM]> for now
[00:17] <+Morphine[VM]> step by step
[00:17] <+Morphine[VM]> this is the first step ukrain
[00:18] <@Malkovsky_> do they have any TW?
[00:19] <@mossad> they have in moldova (this is a totally romanian directed war)
[00:19] <+aldameldo_> classicaly
[00:19] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Adamak_] by Malkovsky_
[00:19] <+Adamak_> okay, now i will explain my MPP plan
[00:19] <+aldameldo_> go ahead
[00:19] <+Sleotescu> ukraine has mpp with malaysia
[00:19] <+Adamak_> so why we mustnt join Entente? couse their neutrality (like their alliance) is gone
[00:19] <@Malkovsky_> hmmm. in Moldova...no solution and thus TW for CR
[00:20] <+Adamak_> and we know how our neutrality worked after Polish invasion
[00:20] <+Adamak_> it was Ruzicka's foult, he attacked Germany
[00:20] <+Adamak_> and look how fast we have been conquered
[00:20] <+Adamak_> conclusion is that Poland do not respect any form of ally or neutrality when they have got weak neighbour
[00:21] <+Adamak_> we must look after Phx right now
[00:21] <@mossad> Adamak - No need to deeper comment
[00:21] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[00:21] <+Adamak_> I mean fast alliances with: Hungary, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Germania, France, Russia.......
[00:21] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:22] <@Malkovsky_> whre do we have those 700 G? :-D
[00:22] <+Adamak_> why? becouse if they didnt respect our government even with RL Czechs inside, what will do they now?
[00:22] <@mossad> ok .. Adamak .. Phoenix?
[00:22] <@mossad> is that what you offer?
[00:22] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[00:23] <+Adamak_> my plan and whole Svoboda's plan was accepted by many politicians - becouse it was good for both sides, especially for weak after Hungary invasion Slovakia
[00:23] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:23] <+Adamak_> and Ruzicka ruined it with Poland, becouse of their arrogance
[00:23] <+Adamak_> and yes Mossad
[00:23] <@mossad> ok thank you
[00:23] == palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:23] <+Adamak_> Phoenix is the best choice
[00:23] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Adamak_] by mossad
[00:23] <+aldameldo_> agree
[00:23] == palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has quit []
[00:23] <@Malkovsky_> we can't have only Phoenix MPPs...Romanians would vote against...that's sure Wink
[00:23] <+aldameldo_> we should first secure our borders
[00:24] <+aldameldo_> like with NAP with Poland
[00:24] <+aldameldo_> and then sign PNX MMPs
[00:24] <@Malkovsky_> but we also need some MPP which would bring us some TW with that...like this Russian Wink
[00:25] <+aldameldo_> exactly
[00:25] <@Malkovsky_> and no reasonable man would attack Poland Wink
[00:25] <+aldameldo_> russian MPPs can be quite helpfull for CZ
[00:26] <@Malkovsky_> Yes, I'm for keeping the Russian one....want to hear Romanian opinon now....
[00:26] <@Malkovsky_> Morphine[VM]
[00:26] == mode/#ecze2 [+v RedDuck] by mossad
[00:27] <+Morphine[VM]> you already have mpp with russia
[00:27] <@Malkovsky_> but prolong it in next weeks
[00:27] <+Morphine[VM]> why do we discuss this now?
[00:27] <+RedDuck> what about sign MPP with Poland, how malkovsky nobody will attack poland and it would protect us from them
[00:27] <+aldameldo_> it's important
[00:28] <@Malkovsky_> if we would make some new now, then maybe later we wouldn't have money for the russian one Wink
[00:28] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Adamak_] by mossad
[00:28] <+Adamak_> RedDuck, it is a bad idea
[00:28] <+Adamak_> Poland is too strong and - I know, im boring - we saw their power couple weeks ago
[00:28] <@mossad> RedDuck: Polish MPP as a change for a Hungarian one .. I should agree with Adamak
[00:29] <+aldameldo_> no
[00:29] <+Adamak_> the hammer has fallen when Resistance Force moved to Hungary and thanked Hungarians for help
[00:29] <+Adamak_> Poland is treat in our region and we are too weak for them - but we are good bereer between Eden and Phx world as well
[00:29] <@Malkovsky_> so...do you propose to keep Poland and Russia?
[00:30] == JackeLZoR [~jackelzor@Rizon-453B4AB8.parisat.hu] has quit []
[00:30] <+aldameldo_> I am for that
[00:30] <@Malkovsky_> or maybe have Slavi MPPs like POL, RUS and UKR?
[00:30] <@mossad> Adamak: TOPIC + NO EMOTIONS .. hammer shmammer
[00:30] <+Adamak_> if we will play smart, then we can be independent without war and gain some money from being line between 2 worlds, 2 alliances
[00:30] <+Adamak_> ok Mossad Razz and Malkovsky
[00:30] <+Adamak_> Perun is not good
[00:31] <+Adamak_> of course if you wanted to say about it
[00:31] <+RedDuck> russia would be excellent but romanians will refuse it
[00:31] <+RedDuck> as any phoenix
[00:31] <+Adamak_> well
[00:31] <+Adamak_> how many votes do you need to create alliance?
[00:31] == Palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:31] <+Adamak_> dammit, i forgot about their small pTO army
[00:32] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Adamak_] by mossad
[00:33] <+RedDuck> if we expect that poland want attack us, our only option is mpp with them...ukraine will not protect us from poland
[00:33] <@mossad> exactly ..
[00:33] <@mossad> gentlemen, Mr.President, do we have any other TOPIC to discuss apart from MPPs?
[00:34] <@Malkovsky_> and if we would keep the russian one also and have the ukraine...then...poland would have problems....I would like to negotiate it with romanians more also...
[00:34] <@Malkovsky_> yes, we have
[00:34] <+RedDuck> done
[00:35] <@Malkovsky_> ok, it seems I should talk with Morphine personally maybe about it....what of our proposals would he accept...
[00:35] <@Malkovsky_> SECOND POINT
[00:35] <@Malkovsky_> ROMANIANS Very Happy
[00:35] <+Sleotescu> lol
[00:35] <@Malkovsky_> in our coingress Smile
[00:36] <@Malkovsky_> for now it seems they block every proposal which wasn't made from them Smile
[00:36] <@mossad> [COINgress is a nice typo]
[00:36] <@Malkovsky_> what can you tell us about it? question to Romanians Smile
[00:37] <+Sleotescu> what you wana know ?
[00:37] == Simonov [qwebirc@Rizon-DB300C5F.adsl.net.t-com.hr] has left #ecze2 []
[00:38] <@Malkovsky_> small example: are you going to block my New Cizizen Message proposal again? Very Happy there's no reason to vote NO Wink
[00:38] <@Malkovsky_> or...do you want more money from our treasury? Very Happy
[00:39] <+Sleotescu> Ok Razz poland sounds bad
[00:39] <+Sleotescu> ncm , we'll see
[00:39] <+Sleotescu> money - no
[00:39] <@Malkovsky_> soo...at least explanation...why did you do this? you claimed you came to help us...I don't imagine something like that under word 'help' Wink
[00:39] == Palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[00:40] <@mossad> (also romanians Smile .. if you dont vote yes for Michal's message .. then the phoenix puppet message will hang there forever)
[00:40] <+Sleotescu> that was good mossad Smile)
[00:40] <+RedDuck> they are secret hungarian agents Wink
[00:40] <+Sleotescu> depends Malkovsky_ , you need to understand us too
[00:40] <@Malkovsky_> :DD
[00:41] <+Sleotescu> do you think that i'm good fighting for Rusia ?
[00:41] <+aldameldo_> grrr'
[00:41] <@Malkovsky_> in the old message is said for example that northern Bohemia is under spanish occupation Very Happy
[00:41] <+Sleotescu> i'm fighting without guns or with q1
[00:41] <+Morphine[VM]> ok
[00:41] <+Morphine[VM]> explain what Malkovsky_?
[00:41] == GregoryG [qwebirc@FD8B3D84.4C88C96C.CBAC84FD.IP] has quit [Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net]
[00:41] <@Malkovsky_> you did this money proposal only to show your power?
[00:42] <@Malkovsky_> you claimed you came to help us...I don't imagine something like that under word 'help' Wink
[00:42] <+Morphine[VM]> not power
[00:42] <+Sleotescu> kind of, but not power
[00:42] <+RedDuck> skill:))
[00:42] == mode/#ecze2 [+v JoaoSatan[GN]] by mossad
[00:42] <+Morphine[VM]> just to show the pheonix ptoers that we are here and they cannot do anything they want
[00:42] <+Morphine[VM]> that is all
[00:42] <+Morphine[VM]> you do realise that this is a different kind of war
[00:43] <+Morphine[VM]> and all we fight with are law proposals
[00:43] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Adamak_] by Malkovsky_
[00:43] <+Adamak_> well Morphine, you call CSP the Phx invaders, right?
[00:43] <+Morphine[VM]> as for the numerous czech comunity.... Smile
[00:43] <@Malkovsky_> congress is no place to fight....you came to help our country, so help and do not send Czech money to you military group please Wink
[00:44] <+Morphine[VM]> you all know there is not such a thing
[00:44] <@mossad> I think, Adamak, whoever is not EDEN is Phoenix in eyes of Morphine
[00:44] == palas_ [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:44] <+Morphine[VM]> as i said
[00:44] <+Morphine[VM]> the money will be used in an MPP
[00:44] <+Morphine[VM]> an MPP we agree on
[00:44] <+Adamak_> all we know Morphine that you look everything as Mossad said
[00:44] <+Morphine[VM]> end of discussion about money
[00:44] <+Adamak_> okay mate, but tell me - why did you come here?
[00:44] <@Malkovsky_> but they should be rather transfered to CNB Wink
[00:44] <+Adamak_> important thing - why?
[00:45] <@Malkovsky_> adamak: bad question
[00:45] <+Morphine[VM]> if you keep talking about money I will start to ask about all the gold you and mossad and others spent on ads
[00:45] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:45] <+Adamak_> Malkovsky, hard but good question
[00:45] <@Malkovsky_> just ask .)
[00:45] <@mossad> i spent my own money, Morphine[VM]
[00:45] <+Morphine[VM]> i came here because I CAN
[00:45] <+Adamak_> Morphine[VM] , why did you come here?
[00:45] <+Morphine[VM]> is this good for you?
[00:45] <@Malkovsky_> I spent also my money (about 5 Gols, I hope you believe i can earn such an amount Very Happy )
[00:45] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> i dont think this discussion in productive. why dont we talk about what can we do together?
[00:45] <+Morphine[VM]> Malkovsky_ Smile))
[00:45] <@mossad> good point Joao
[00:45] <+Adamak_> I mean you and your Eden army
[00:45] <@mossad> guys
[00:46] <@mossad> Please. Malkovsky, set some topic .. that will be discussable
[00:46] <+Adamak_> agreed Joao, but I just want to know - why did Morphine came here to Czechia with his soldiers
[00:46] <+Adamak_> he is not managing to answer I think...
[00:46] <+Sleotescu> because we can
[00:46] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Adamak_ read the press till now
[00:46] <+Morphine[VM]> Adamak_ as I said
[00:46] <@Malkovsky_> yes...first of all our congressmen shouldn't vote according to alliance they are in, but in order to help Czech interests Wink
[00:46] <+Morphine[VM]> I came here as the others came here
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> and i just want to make sure things don't mess up bad for eden here
[00:47] == palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:47] <+Adamak_> what a shame, eh - is it another peaceful mission that Eden call "postPerupTO mystic plan" ?
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> that is all
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> if you can understand this ok
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> if not
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> keep asking yourself why are the hungarians here
[00:47] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
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[00:47] <+Adamak_> you are right Morphine, you could go here like my commie friends, but what exactly do you want to do here?
[00:48] <+Adamak_> well, Hungary gave us houses and bread after invader's attack
[00:48] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Adamak_ what is your point? what are we talking
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> Adamak_
[00:48] == palas_ [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[00:48] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> cut the bullshit
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> i cannot do much here
[00:48] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> lets talk about czech
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> Malkovsky_ is the president
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> he will take Czech Rep far away
[00:48] <@Malkovsky_> I can't see any taxes proposal e.g. .... i hope if some c-men from my party would propose tax changes...are going to block it only because it wasn't proposed by any romanian?
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> so let's hear him
[00:48] <+Morphine[VM]> and mossad
[00:48] * mossad slaps JoaoSatan[GN] around a bit with a large fishbot
[00:48] <+Adamak_> Morphine........... but why are you using arguments such as "well, Hungary is here so we could enter Czechia" ?
[00:48] == mode/#ecze2 [-v Adamak_] by mossad
[00:49] <+Sleotescu> because as well they are here , we can be here too
[00:49] <+Morphine[VM]> Adamak_ do u want to talk with me in private?
[00:49] <+Morphine[VM]> Smile
[00:49] <+Morphine[VM]> we could do this
[00:49] <+Morphine[VM]> but not now
[00:49] <@Malkovsky_> Morphine, please answer Smile
[00:49] <@Malkovsky_> my question Smile
[00:49] <+Sleotescu> Malkovsky_ , there was 2 laws i guess , with tax changes
[00:49] <+Sleotescu> and we agreed
[00:49] <+Sleotescu> we voted yes
[00:50] == mode/#ecze2 [+v luchian[VM]] by Malkovsky_
[00:50] <+Morphine[VM]> Malkovsky_... we do have some more proposals to make
[00:50] <@Malkovsky_> and what about the New Citizen Message law? Smile
[00:50] <+Morphine[VM]> but for now start talking about the mpp with ukraine
[00:50] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky we dont understand it
[00:50] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> send us a translated version
[00:50] <+Morphine[VM]> if you start this.. we will not make any proposals u don't like
[00:50] <@Malkovsky_> it's for Czech people, you know Very Happy
[00:50] <@Malkovsky_> ok, translation is no problem Smile
[00:51] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky_ its ok. but tell us what's in it
[00:51] <@Malkovsky_> but I guess you know Google translator also Smile
[00:51] == palas [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[00:51] <@Malkovsky_> ok, I'll send you it...but no here Wink
[00:51] <+RedDuck> there are secret messgaes to hungarian BB
[00:51] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[00:51] <+Morphine[VM]> Malkovsky_
[00:52] == palass [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:52] <+Morphine[VM]> just an advice
[00:52] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has joined #ecze2
[00:52] <+Morphine[VM]> for the message-law
[00:52] <@Malkovsky_> hmm? Smile
[00:52] <+Morphine[VM]> don't link it to a newspaper belonging to mossad or you
[00:52] <@Malkovsky_> okey Very Happy
[00:52] <+Morphine[VM]> link it to a newspaper belonging to Czech Oficial ministry or something
[00:52] <@Malkovsky_> I will make the article under some ministry news, ok? Smile
[00:53] <+Morphine[VM]> I already explained this to mossad
[00:53] == Laya [~Laya@DA3133D2.30FC9E33.A8A50AB7.IP] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[00:53] <+Morphine[VM]> I am telling you now
[00:53] <@Malkovsky_> okey...right note Wink
[00:53] <@mossad> i will send you the code Michal
[00:54] <@Malkovsky_> but if you vote NO, please explain me why without my question Smile
[00:54] <@Malkovsky_> thanks, mossad
[00:55] <+Morphine[VM]> i already explained why we voted no to your message-law
[00:55] <+Morphine[VM]> an mossad's too
[00:55] <@Malkovsky_> not to me Wink till now Wink
[00:56] <@Malkovsky_> Morphine, what again about the ukr mpp? Smile they aren't much strong and they can't provide us any mpp Smile
[00:56] == Morphine[VM] [~Morphine@Morphine.VM.RUULLZZZ] has quit [Quit: b back in 5!]
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[00:56] == mode/#ecze2 [-v luchian[VM]] by Malkovsky_
[00:56] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky_ i think the mpp is for TW
[00:57] <@Malkovsky_> what TW? they're in moldova-romania mpp....but they have not their own Wink
[00:57] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> ukrain and moldova have an open war
[00:57] == Adamak_ [qwebirc@Rizon-EF03FA36.adsl.inetia.pl] has left #ecze2 []
[00:57] <@Malkovsky_> and active battles?
[00:57] <@mossad> sorry guys .. my offer is to relax about MPP question
[00:57] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> they will have
[00:58] <+aldameldo_> guys will military monopoly that Assembly?
[00:58] <@mossad> we have time to discuss the MPP question and now we understand all the positions
[00:58] <+Sleotescu> we have 2 hours of talking and we talks nothing
[00:58] <+Sleotescu> we didn't agree on anything
[00:58] <+Sleotescu> except mod Razz
[00:58] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky_ how do u see the cooperation with us?
[00:59] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> remember that quiting is not an option for us
[00:59] <@Malkovsky_> what exactly is on your mind? Smile
[00:59] <+aldameldo_> enslavement of CZ?
[00:59] <@mossad> we dont know what you romanians want, JoaoSatan[GN] .. this is why we dont even know what to offer
[01:00] <@Malkovsky_> if you are proposing the ukranian mpp we aren't against a we'll have a talk about that Smile
[01:00] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> <aldameldo_> enslavement of CZ?........ are we talink serious or this is just another joke
[01:00] <+RedDuck> ok so Romanians want mpp with ukraine and will leave CZ?
[01:00] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> because if we are jocking we can leave and continue
[01:00] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we will not leave
[01:00] <@Malkovsky_> joaosatan ,answer please to mossad Wink
[01:01] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we want Czech neutral
[01:01] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> nor eden nor phoenix
[01:01] <@mossad> we are neutral
[01:01] <+RedDuck> ers so why do that hard push us to Phenix?
[01:01] <@mossad> Smile (said the penix puppet)
[01:02] <+aldameldo_> neutral till you EDENise us?
[01:02] <+RedDuck> we will not accept as president Romandian Mod
[01:02] <+aldameldo_> the pupppets will
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v AzAlkimista] by mossad
[01:02] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> ok
[01:02] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> i will stop now
[01:02] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> have fun
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v ubica] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v tmv23|HSVau] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v NoelGofB] by mossad
[01:02] <+Sleotescu> he is no longer mod
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v luchian[VM]] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v logamac] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Leon_] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v john_white] by mossad
[01:02] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Florentina-Iustina] by mossad
[01:03] <+RedDuck> dsnt matter, he and his men are romanian squad
[01:04] <+Sleotescu> ok , i'm stoping here too , you are just too stubborn
[01:04] <@Malkovsky_> no, listen
[01:04] <+RedDuck> thow am i stubborn
[01:04] <+Florentina-Iustina> bye bye for now...
[01:04] <@Malkovsky_> and say more conrcetely what you want
[01:04] <+Florentina-Iustina> good night to all Smile
[01:04] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky_ we are here to talk
[01:04] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> and ur making jockes
[01:04] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> when you are willing to talk
[01:04] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we will talk
[01:04] <@Malkovsky_> I haven't mady any
[01:04] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> <aldameldo_> the pupppets will
[01:04] == Florentina-Iustina [~chatzilla@19BBF77F.3700C93B.C4BF19D7.IP] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.2/20100316074819]]
[01:04] <@Malkovsky_> just say... (besides this neutrality)
[01:05] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> other points
[01:05] <@Malkovsky_> and you must admit that this your proposal was bad idea Wink for me...only showing of power
[01:06] == palasss [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has joined #ecze2
[01:06] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> Malkovsky_ yes. we have the power. that was nothing. you know that we change the minimum wage or taxes to 50% income
[01:06] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> that would be the end of this country
[01:06] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> so we didnt
[01:06] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we wanted we talk
[01:06] <@mossad> that would not kill the countr
[01:06] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> mossad how would you pay 100 czk minimum wage?
[01:07] <+Sleotescu> lol
[01:07] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> and 50% income
[01:07] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> how new citizen will get jobs
[01:07] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> then there will be none
[01:07] <@mossad> no problem
[01:07] <@Malkovsky_> remeber, you are 1 congressman weaker now Wink
[01:07] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> its simple game mechanics
[01:07] <@Malkovsky_> but that's not the topic Wink
[01:07] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> no
[01:07] <@Malkovsky_> no?
[01:07] <+aldameldo_> bb guys
[01:07] <@Malkovsky_> Very Happy
[01:07] <+aldameldo_> hail neutrality
[01:07] == aldameldo_ [qwebirc@Rizon-943DD04A.home.otenet.gr] has left #ecze2 []
[01:08] <@mossad> Joao .. be constructive .. my position .. Romanians are bigger evil than having no babies for another 20 days
[01:08] <@mossad> Czech Rep lasts for longer
[01:08] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we came here to help. we will do so if you communicate with us.
[01:08] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> consult us
[01:09] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> let us work with you
[01:09] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we have the military skills
[01:09] <@Malkovsky_> I try Smile
[01:09] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> the organization
[01:09] == palas [qwebirc@DF640A2A.2CABE97D.E28CE0C0.IP] has joined #ecze2
[01:09] <+RedDuck> what do you want exactly besides mpp with ukraine
[01:09] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> we know how to run a country and an army
[01:09] == Morphy [~Morphine@Morphine.VM.RUULLZZZ] has joined #ecze2
[01:09] <@Malkovsky_> but you can't blackmail me and our country Wink
[01:09] <@mossad> we are also pretty experienced on how to run the country. michal was supported by SIX ex-presidents
[01:10] <+Sleotescu> mossad , be serious
[01:10] == palasss [qwebirc@9C727D14.FBAADB7A.BF358664.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[01:10] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> mossad suport is not experience
[01:10] <@Malkovsky_> so Smile what EXACTLY wnat you to bring us with your experience? Smile
[01:11] == mode/#ecze2 [+v Morphy] by Malkovsky_
[01:11] == mode/#ecze2 [+v palas] by Malkovsky_
[01:11] <@mossad> support is support - that makes community and friendship - also another point - your exp in imperialistic big power romania - is not applicable to czech realities - you need to think about it
[01:11] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> military
[01:11] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> and economics Razz
[01:12] <+RedDuck> sry but have Romanian army TKO which came 2 days before elections is not neutrality
[01:12] <+RedDuck> *in ministries
[01:12] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> i have to be in another meeting now.
[01:12] <+JoaoSatan[GN]> if u have anything more i will look to it
[01:12] <+Morphy> RedDuck?
[01:12] <@mossad> why dont you practice it in countries like moldova? which is close to you mentally and traditionally - you are practically the same nation
[01:12] <+Morphy> 2 days?
[01:12] <+Morphy> this was a very well thought plan
[01:12] <+Morphy> Smile
[01:13] <+Morphy> it has not been made in 2 days
[01:13] <+Morphy> Smile
[01:13] <+Morphy> but it is ok if you think it was 2 days
[01:13] <+Morphy> that makes me proud
[01:13] <+Sleotescu> Smile)
[01:13] <@mossad> Red .. they were here before 2 days .. they took over parties much earlier
[01:13] == Morphy has changed nick to Morphine^
[01:13] <+RedDuck> in czech constiutution you need to be 2 months in country
[01:14] <+Morphine^> is there such a constitution?
[01:14] <+RedDuck> you see
[01:14] <@mossad> yes morphine
[01:14] <+Morphine^> nice
[01:14] <@mossad> (although its not part of game mechanics)
[01:14] <+Morphine^> and who is respecting it?
[01:14] <+Morphine^> hungarians serbs and russians?
[01:14] <+Morphine^> Smile)
[01:15] <+RedDuck> yes
[01:15] <+Morphine^> damn I'm good tonight
[01:15] <+RedDuck> no own candidate
[01:15] <+Sleotescu> so what ? if you have a constitution
[01:15] <+Sleotescu> who is respecting it ?
[01:15] == palas [qwebirc@DF640A2A.2CABE97D.E28CE0C0.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[01:15] <@mossad> look Morphine .. this hungarians, serbs and russians are cool .. we have 3-4 of each in politics .. not 11 in congress
[01:15] == Leon_ [qwebirc@41528DCB.7BB03167.3393672.IP] has left #ecze2 []
[01:15] <+Morphine^> Wink
[01:15] <@Malkovsky_> http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Constitution_of_the_Czech_Republic
[01:15] <+Morphine^> you don't have that many because we were to good for you mossad
[01:16] <+Morphine^> not because you don't want that many
[01:16] <+Morphine^> Smile
[01:16] <@Malkovsky_> but not in presidentials :-P
[01:16] <+Morphine^> Malkovsky_
[01:16] <+Morphine^> Smile
[01:16] <@Malkovsky_> :-P
[01:16] <@mossad> yea .. you were good in getting there Morphine^
[01:16] == Morphine^ has changed nick to Morphine`
[01:17] == Morphine` has changed nick to Morphine^
[01:17] == lazarosaMKD [cgiirc@787ADCCA.22B870A3.CBAD3590.IP] has joined #ecze2
[01:17] == Morphine^ [~Morphine@] has quit []
[01:18] == mode/#ecze2 [+v lazarosaMKD] by Malkovsky_
[01:18] <@mossad> i think we are getting tired guys
[01:18] <+lazarosaMKD> what was decided?
[01:18] <@mossad> do you let me to make a short collection of the ideas?
[01:18] <@Malkovsky_> congress will more cooperate
[01:18] <@Malkovsky_> yes, of course
[01:19] == palas [qwebirc@B4E7A573.2CABE97D.E28CE0C0.IP] has joined #ecze2
[01:19] <@Malkovsky_> and there are some proposals to think about...ukranian mpp for example
[01:19] <@mossad> 1. Malkovski takes codes from me for baby article and places it in separate org
[01:19] <@mossad> 2. Romanians dont block the message
[01:19] == mode/#ecze2 [+v palas] by mossad
[01:19] <@mossad> 3. Dominik will be new MoD
[01:20] <@mossad> 4. Different squads will be created for now to separate pro-Eden and pro-Phoenix players
[01:20] <@mossad> (is that correct, Michal?)
[01:20] <@Malkovsky_> yes Smile
[01:21] <@mossad> 5. Romanians want CZ to sign MPP with Ukraine. Commies and other locals think that Hunn MPP is better
[01:21] <+RedDuck> we need decide forum and other things but Silen left
[01:21] <@mossad> 6. Topic of MMPs shall be discussed further on
[01:21] <+RedDuck> I dont get it
[01:21] == Morphy [~Morphine@Morphine.VM.RUULLZZZ] has joined #ecze2
[01:21] <+lazarosaMKD> Silen said that he won`t have internet for a week
[01:22] <+logamac> ?
[01:22] <+logamac> OMG
[01:22] <@mossad> Internal issues of Czechs and Slovaks were not topic
[01:22] == Morphy [~Morphine@Morphine.VM.RUULLZZZ] has left #ecze2 []
[01:22] <+logamac> I can speak?
[01:22] <@Malkovsky_> lazarosaMKD ... he didn't Smile
[01:22] == NoelGofB [qwebirc@Rizon-58189819.pool.digikabel.hu] has quit []
[01:22] <@Malkovsky_> logamac : but not much :-P
[01:22] <+logamac> Michal why wasn't I allowed to speak
[01:22] <@mossad> thats it 6 points.
[01:23] <@Malkovsky_> yes, mossad...but I'm more for keeping the russian one instead of the hungarian one Wink
[01:23] <@mossad> 7th point is that Romanians want to teach us Military and Economics
[01:23] <@Malkovsky_> logamac: nobody was...you should ask for a word...it was moderated by me Wink
[01:23] <@mossad> yes Michal .. good point
[01:23] == palas [qwebirc@B4E7A573.2CABE97D.E28CE0C0.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[01:23] <+logamac> Ok
[01:23] <+logamac> Was I doing something bad?
[01:23] <@mossad> 8. Romanian majority did not put anything on the table
[01:24] <@mossad> (sorry)
[01:24] <@Malkovsky_> true
[01:24] == luchian[VM] [cgiirc@1A92363C.20CA7743.DF6349F0.IP] has left #ecze2 []
[01:24] <+lazarosaMKD> guys, i will probably left Czech Republic after 2-3 days (when i could resign from my company)
[01:24] * mossad slaps lazarosaMKD around a bit with a large fishbot
[01:25] <@mossad> Smile its impossible
[01:25] <+logamac> Hmm
[01:25] == JoaoSatan[GN] has changed nick to JoaoSatan
[01:25] <+logamac> So what will we be doing then?
[01:25] <@mossad> now everybody can join us here
[01:26] <@mossad> #letstroll.logamac
[01:26] <@mossad> for a party
[01:27] <@Malkovsky_> JoaoSatan but you didn't proposed to us today anything concrete Wink
[01:27] <+JoaoSatan> lets make baby steps
[01:28] <+JoaoSatan> mpp with ukraine
[01:28] <+logamac> OK
[01:28] <+logamac> Thats it
[01:28] <+logamac> If I am not wanted I will move
[01:28] <+logamac> Again..
[01:28] == logamac [qwebirc@Rizon-EE9D4CDF.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net]
[01:29] == john_white [Your_Nick@261076B.58B99E1B.7AD1A6CC.IP] has quit []
[01:29] <@Malkovsky_> you have only one card inyour 'perfect' system? Smile
[01:30] <+JoaoSatan> for now
[01:30] <@Malkovsky_> I expected more Smile
[01:30] <+Sleotescu> baby steps ...
[01:31] <+JoaoSatan> more after the mpp
[01:31] <@Malkovsky_> the mpp is question for longer time Wink
[01:31] <+JoaoSatan> i will part now. i have to be in another two meetings
[01:31] <+JoaoSatan> sorry
[01:31] <+JoaoSatan> if you need any more info
[01:31] <+JoaoSatan> just query me
[01:32] == JoaoSatan [~joaosatan@AF63924D.86586132.927A4D7F.IP] has left #ecze2 []
[01:32] == JoaoSatan [~joaosatan@AF63924D.86586132.927A4D7F.IP] has joined #ecze2
[01:32] == JoaoSatan [~joaosatan@AF63924D.86586132.927A4D7F.IP] has left #ecze2 []
[01:34] <@Malkovsky_> ok....it's officially end of National Assembly for today's eve...maybe there will be next edition in about 5 days Smile
[01:34] <@Malkovsky_> bye to everyone Smile
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> 5 days ?
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> try it in 2 days ?
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> 5 days is too loger
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> longer
[01:35] <@mossad> lets make it in 20 days ;-)
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> mossad you lose Razz
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> we are voting no till then
[01:35] <+Sleotescu> Smile)
[01:36] <@mossad> yes i lose Sad
[01:36] <@Malkovsky_> Very Happy
[01:36] <+Sleotescu> ok , cya tomorrow guys , time to sleep
[01:36] == Sleotescu [Budynel@4C561612.F2065946.40E65463.IP] has left #ecze2 []
[01:36] <@Malkovsky_> I had full friday's and sturaday's evenings,....sorry Very Happy I also like some RL fun Very Happy
[01:38] <+RedDuck> good night, I hope that it helped michal anyhow :p
[01:38] == RedDuck [qwebirc@Rizon-F86FCBE7.net.upc.cz] has left #ecze2 []
[01:38] == Malkovsky_ [qwebirc@Rizon-2147BDB3.broadband5.iol.cz] has left #ecze2 []
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First Czech National Assembly -LOG 04/09
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